As announced in November of 2000, Netpliance has exited the consumer Internet appliance business, and no longer provides support, updates or Internet access for the i-opener. Please contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) directly to obtain help with billing, account maintenance, connection problems, or any other matter concerning your i-opener. Your Internet Service Provider is the company that bills you for your monthly Internet service. If your Internet Service Provider is Earthlink, you can contact Earthlink support at (800) 719-4660, and they will be able to troubleshoot your i-opener.

If your Internet Service Provider has determined that your i-opener hardware needs replacement, you may need to contact our third party warranty fulfillment partner to arrange for a replacement i-opener. Situations where a replacement may be necessary include a damaged LCD screen, keyboard not functioning, a modem not attempting to connect to the Internet, or a power adaptor not supplying power to the device. If your provider has diagnosed one of these issues with your i-opener, you may call (512) 681-8697 for more information on the replacement service offered by the third party. Thank you.

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